Procedural and Arbitration

This department is essential in the comprehensive advice that the firm offers to all clients, being responsible for the monitoring, advice and management of all judicial and arbitration procedures that in civil, bankruptcy, criminal, contentious-administrative and commercial orders are entrusted to ACKERMANN & SCHWARTZ.

Especially significant is the experience of the members of this department in litigation of all kinds, whose knowledge is of considerable importance to guarantee a job perfectly done and to provide a good result.

In this department, the treatment of pre-litigation situations is handled with special dedication, seeking to place the client in the best possible situation before an imminent judicial process, as well as, accompanying him in the preliminary negotiation that aims to avoid litigation.

The provision of these services is carried out through the creation of work teams made up of specialists in Procedural Law, in interdisciplinary coordination with other professionals of the company with expertise in the specific matter, seeking to optimize the advice and therefore increase the probabilities of success.

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