Economic Penalty and Compliance

At ACKERMANN & SCHWARTZ we have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers specialized in the area of ​​economic criminal law with a wide experience in the legal defense of the company and its directors, before the courts of criminal jurisdiction.

Our services include the defense of the client’s interests in all types of criminal proceedings. In this way, at ACKERMANN & SCHWARTZ we take care of the legal defense of the company and its directors, representatives and employees in any and all of the phases of the criminal process (instruction, oral trial, appeal, cassation, etc.) and before any jurisdictional body (investigating courts, criminal courts, provincial courts, Superior Courts of Justice, Supreme Court or Constitutional Court).

The experience of the members of this department in crimes against safety at work and the rights of workers, fraud, insolvency crimes and corporate crimes is especially noteworthy.

Finally, in terms of regulatory compliance and crime prevention, our main services are focused on:


Consulting and prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing service


Design of personalized money laundering prevention programs and manuals, including staff training and audits carried out by official external experts


Legal advice and assistance in the inspections carried out by SEPBLAC (Executive “Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offenses, in Spanish) and in the administrative or judicial procedures that may arise


Design and advice on criminal risk prevention programs for legal entities (Corporate Compliance), training support and customer assistance so your company can find legal coverage in the event of a criminal charge

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